BBC issues warning today – Button batteries pose ‘deadly’ risk to toddlers

Today the BBC issues a stark warning about the dangers of button batteries, with coverage on BBC Breakfast, the BBC website and the 6 O’Clock News.

What’s the problem?

If a button battery, particularly a lithium coin battery, gets stuck in a child’s throat or gullet, the battery’s energy makes the body create caustic soda (the chemical used to unblock drains).

This can burn a hole through the throat and lead to serious internal bleeding and death.

Lithium coin batteries are the most dangerous as the higher voltage means more energy is released, creating more caustic soda. The reaction can happen in as little as two hours.

Button batteries are found in many products that can appeal to young children, including remote controls, nightlights and novelty cards.

How you can help

Please help the CAPT get the word out as widely as possible.