Crosby Church to create community garden

A CHURCH in Crosby will use part of its ground as a community garden – but first they need green-fingered locals to help them out.

The Community Garden Project will be launched at Moor Lane Methodist Church and allow people to create their own allotment and look after a vegetable patch.

A spokesperson for the church said: “We are certain that we should begin with volunteers for without the ‘people power’ the scheme cannot progress.

For that reason our first task is to produce suitable advertising materials.

“We are planning to put flyers through doors in the neighbourhood and we have ready, established routines, for doing that.

“Moor Lane Methodist Church, Crosby has always been known as ‘The Church in The Garden’ because it is always eye-catching on a bright sunny day.

“We now plan to make full use of the beautiful resource which we have around us by creating a community garden.

“We are convinced that there are many lonely people in our locality, people who are looking for opportunities to ‘get involved’ and will welcome the chance to get out and be active; to meet others and enjoy fellowship and fresh air; and whilst doing that to grow fresh produce which can be taken away or give away.

“As Christians it is our duty to consider the community within which we worship and their spiritual as well as their physical needs. We want to bring the Gospel to others as well as offering a service to our community.”