Formby Councillors welcome council’s tree-mendous work

COUNCILLORS in Formby have welcomed Sefton Council’s ‘tree-mendous’ work in replacing a number of dangerous trees in the village.

Officers from the Local Auhtoprity’s Parks and Greenpsaces team confirmed to the Champion that fourteen trees are set to be planted in locations across Formby over the coming months.

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “We can confirm that a number of trees will be planted at locations across Formby.

“Specifically there will be four trees at Wicks Green, six tees at Ennerdale Road and four trees at Andrew Lane.

“The scheme has been approved by Harington Ward councillors and as part of the consultation the use of Section 106 funding has been authorised.”

Speaking to The Champion Formby Councillor Denise Dutton said: “The trees on Andrews Lane were removed last year due to the fact that they were in a dangerous condition and could potentially have caused harm to the local residents.

“However they were removed on the understanding that they would be replanted and I’m pleased to say that Sefton Council has managed to include them in this year’s replanting programme.

“I think it is important to mention that these replacement trees are not costing Formby residents anything in Council Tax as they are funded through a levy imposed on developers who build within Formby to replace trees and enhance our green space areas.

“If any residents within Harington Ward have any suggestions for the replanting of trees or enhancement of their areas please let either myself or Cllr Jamieson know on 01704 871132″