Southport community group ‘Rubbish Friends’ tackle pier litter in their biggest challenge yet

SOUTHPORT based anti-litter group Rubbish Friends faced the biggest challenge of their five years’ existence recently when they tackled a huge pile-up of litter and debris under the pier.

It took 28 volunteers – accompanied by three dogs and a child – to clear the area and fill a record 87 bags of refuse.

Members of the public offered words of encouragement to the volunteers as they set about the clearance operation.

Organiser Councillor Keith said: “It was completely strewn with litter, an absolute disgrace.

“The sight that greeted us under the pier was more in keeping with a third world country rather than a classic resort which is the way Southport is branded.

“It is a very sad reflection on a small minority of our disposable society.

“Rubbish Friends have been in talks with Sefton Council officials to try to work out methods of preventing such a build up in the future.”

However joint organiser Councillor Sue McGuire pointed out: “The best way of avoiding a litter build up is for people to be more environmentally conscious and dispose of their litter in the proper way in one of the many bins provided.

“ There was one light-hearted note during our clean-up operation when a watching child said to her mother: ‘Mummy, look at all those people clearing the litter.’ To which her mother replied: ‘So they should because they’re on community service for what they’ve done!‘”

If you would like to be a rubbish friend to Southport please contact Councillor Pat Keith on 07735005802 or Cllr Sue McGuire on 07766 968162.