‘Ask for Angela’ campaigners want to bring safety scheme to Sefton

SAFETY campaigners in Southport are eager to bring a new scheme to the resort’s pubs and bars which aims to keep vulnerable women safe when they are out.

Lincolnshire County Council have recently launched their ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme as part of an ongoing campaign to tackle sexual abuse.

Aiming to help people out of uncomfortable date or bar situations, ‘Ask For Angela’ works by allowing people to go to the bar or a waiter and ask them to get Angela for them.

This then alerts the staff to the fact that the woman is feeling unsafe or uncomfortable and staff will call a taxi or help them leave discreetly.

Now local campaigners are eager to roll out a similar scheme in Southport.

Resort councillor Sue McGuire asked Sefton Council on Thursday if they would consider following the lead of Lincolnshire County Council by working with licensees across the Borough to roll out the Angela safety campaign.

Sue told the Champion: “I think this is such a simple idea that is relatively inexpensive to introduce and with people now meeting on “blind” dates it’s vital that bars and restaurants do what they can to ensure safety.”

A response to Cllr Mcguire from Sefton Council read: “The request from Councillor McGuire to consider implementing the ‘Ask Angela’ scheme in Sefton is something that Neighbourhoods and Partnerships can look into with our partner agency RASA. RASA is a specialist organisation that supports victims of sexual abuse across Merseyside.

“We will also speak to the other local authority areas in Merseyside to see whether they have implemented anything similar and to Cabinet Member for Communities and Housing for her views. We will then have further information available to consider whether this scheme could be further explored for Sefton.”

Since its inception in Lincolshire, the campaign has garnered international attention through a social media promotion – and has even been backed by A-list celebrities including Aston Kutcher.