Supermarket staff team up with alcohol education charity for information session

The staff at Aintree Asda store teamed up with alcohol education charity, Drinkaware, for an information session recently.

Visitors were given the opportunity to access advice and ask questions, while there was also specific help for parents on how to speak to their kids about alcohol.

Bill Esterson MP the local MP said: “It was great to see that a lot of shoppers think about their health in January and look for ways to cut back on their alcohol consumption after the festive period.

“Many people took part in Dry January, but the charity, Drinkaware is doing great work trying to persuade people to drink sensibly all year round, not just in January.

“This new project aims to provide impartial, evidence-based information and practical resources in a non-judgmental, engaging and fun environment.

“Drinkaware are spreading the word about how having just a little less alcohol can help people stay healthy and I support their efforts as they hope the information they present can help people make better choices about their drinking.

“Alcohol misuse is a serious danger. It’s important that we do more to promote responsible drinking.

“Thank you to Asda and Drinkaware for helping to raise awareness across Sefton.”