Summer 2017 – Lets Feed Sefton’s Children and Young People!

Many families are telling us that they find the school holidays particularly difficult because they rely on the Free Meals they are able to get during term time.

We are looking, therefore, to put together a network of venues that will be able to offer Children and Young People between the ages of 5 to 18 free meals during the Summer Holidays. This will need us to expand on the excellent work that some of you are already doing in this area. The needs, however, are huge and we know that the provision needs to grow to meet them fully.

In order to develop a comprehensive network of venues across the Borough we have developed a small questionnaire to ascertain who is likely to be able to assist in this much needed service for our Children and Young People.

We want to know if you can provide meals even if it is once a week and we would like to know which meals can be offered. We would like to know if you would require any support in recruiting and training volunteers. We will try to ensure training is available on Healthy Cooking and Food Hygiene. We will also approach philanthropic partners to see if any financial assistance can be given to meet the additional costs of running this service.

We will be working with partners such as Sefton MBC, the CCG’s (NHS) as well as organisations such as Fairshare and our Foodbanks to source the food.

If you would like to discuss the initiative, please contact Sefton CVS on 0151-920-0726 or e-mail Deputy Chief Executive Nigel Bellamy at

Please complete the questionnaire online below. Alternatively, please click here to downloaded the questionnaire (Word) and return to the freepost address found on the form.

Lets Feed Sefton’s Children and Young People! Online Form