Mill Spring Court Resident’s Association in Bootle secure computer course grant

Elderly residents from Bootle who say “I’m hopeless on computers” have no excuses any more after £10,000 was spent on a new course to teach them the basics!

Members of Mill Spring Court Resident’s Association successfully applied for a Big Lottery grant, with the money to help pay for a ‘digital inclusion course’.

This will be set-up next month at Mill Spring Court for anyone at the accommodation looking to touch up their computer skills.

Group member Alan Davis said: “This course is specifically for older people living in the accommodation who want to learn about using a computer for the likes of emails and the internet.

“The old saying is ‘I’m hopeless on computers’ and this was the reason for it. We have regular meetings and bingo and people are always saying how they wish they were better on computers.

“It was actually suggested to us by One Vision Housing who said we should apply for money to set up the course.”