Waterloo resident Zena proves you’re never too old to join digital age!

A pensioner has proved you are never too old to join the digital age after sending her first email at the age of 97!

Zena Coffey, who attends Waterloo Park Day Centre, now has new computer skills after receiving IT training from the centre’s youngest member of staff, Leah Rosindale.

Zena decided to send the inaugural message to her son in Australia, and was delighted that it reached the destination Down Under without a problem, and that she received a speedy reply from him!

Now she plans to harness the benefits of IT and keep in touch with her children and other relatives by email in future, as well as talking on the telephone and corresponding by letter in the traditional way. Staff at Waterloo Park are also planning to acquire a webcam and suitable software to enable Zena and other service users to talk face to face with family and friends via Skype.

Zena, who will be 98 in a few weeks, was born in 1919 – 25 years before the ballpoint pen became widely available.

However, it’s far from her first flirtation with modern culture as her friends were surprised to discover that she is a secret admirer of the music of Status Quo!

Waterloo Park Service Manager, James Walmsley, said: “Zena has been one of our regulars for many years and is a very popular member of the team.

“She is renowned for her positive outlook on life, and for overcoming any setbacks she faces.

“Her determination to continue learning new things, even as she approaches her 98th birthday, is an inspiration to us all.”

Waterloo Park, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015, was set up by Sefton Council but has been run by New Directions since 2007.