Young people’s experiences of social networks

The NSPCC has published the Net Aware Report for 2017, providing a snapshot into young people’s online lives along with reviews of individual sites, apps and games that they use. Findings from a survey of 1,696 11–18 year olds across the UK exploring the opportunities they benefit from alongside the risks they face include: young people are motivated by enjoyment in their exploration of the online space valuing opportunities for fun, communication, self-expression and online autonomy; one in four reviews stated that the platform being reviewed was risky – the primary risks identified were: interaction with strangers; and inappropriate content which was particularly prevalent on sites and aps with live streaming. Recommendations include the setting up of an independent body to ensure social media platforms are transparent and accountable for the safety of children using their services.

SourceNSPCC  Date: 11 September 2017

Further information: Net Aware report 2017: “Freedom to express myself safely”: exploring how young people navigate opportunities and risks in their online lives (PDF)