Effectiveness of Family Group Conferencing in Preventing Repeat Referrals to Child Protective Services and Out-of-Home Placements.

Authors: Dana M. Hollinshead, Tyler W. Corwin, Erin J. Maher, Lisa Merkel-Holguin, Heather Allan and John D. Fluke
Format: Article

Summary: Examines whether a referral to a family group conference was associated with re-referrals, substantiated re-referrals, or out-of-home placements among families receiving in-home children’s services. Finds no significant associations between treatment and control group assignment; families with more children had higher odds of a re-referral and a substantiated re-referral; families with more than one parent had higher odds of re-referral; and families where a substance abuse service referral was noted had higher odds of out-of-home placement.

Journal: Child abuse and neglect (Vol.69), July 2017, pp 285-294
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