History, Injury, and Psychosocial Risk Factor Commonalities Among Cases of Fatal and Near-Fatal Physical Child Abuse.

Authors: Mary Clyde Pierce, Kim Kaczor, Deborah Acker, Tina Webb, Allen Brenzel, Douglas J. Lorenz, Audrey Young and Richard Thompson
Format: Article

Summary: Analysis of 20 fatal and 10 near fatal physical child abuse cases in children less than four years old in Kentucky to identify commonalities and determine whether indicators of abuse were present before the event. Finds: psychosocial factors were present in 100 per cent of cases; traumatic brain injury (95 per cent) and bruising (90 per cent) were the most common injuries; the caregiver was male in 70 per cent of cases; prior unexplained bruising was often a precursor to escalating abuse.

Journal: Child abuse and neglect (Vol.69), July 2017, pp 263-277
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