In-House Consultation to Support Professionals’ Responses to Child Abuse and Neglect: Determinants of Professionals’ use and the Association with Guideline Adherence.

Authors: Annemieke A.J. Konijnendijk, Magda M. Boere-Boonekamp, Anna H. Kaya, Maria E. Haasnoot and Ariana Need
Format: Article

Summary: Examines the presence and strengths of determinants associated with consultation of an in-house expert on child abuse and neglect (CAN) by 154 preventive child health care professionals who suspected CAN and assesses professionals’ performance of six recommended activities described in a national guideline. 46.8 per cent reported consulting the in-house expert in their suspected CAN cases. Highlights that in-house expert consultation was positively associated with two of six key guideline activities: consulting the regional child protection services and monitoring whether support was provided to families.

Journal: Child abuse and neglect (Vol.69), July 2017, pp 242-251
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