Pathway planning with Unaccompanied Young People Leaving Care: Biographical Narratives of Past, Present, and Future.

Authors: Kelly Devenney
Format: Article

Summary: Presents findings from a qualitative study with unaccompanied young people (UYP) who have sought asylum alone in the UK. Explores how UYP create biographical narratives about their past, present and future as they prepare to leave care. Compares the narratives of UYP with settled immigration status with those who do not. UYP without settled status struggled to create narratives and could not imagine the future or the past. Relates these findings to pathway planning for UYP especially for those with an uncertain status. Calls for further research to support UYP and the professionals that work with them.

Journal: Child and family social work (Vol.22, No.3), August 2017, pp 1313-1321
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