Predictors of Substantiated Re-Reports in a Sample of Children with Initial Unsubstantiated Reports.

Authors: Merav Jedwab, Donna Harrington and Howard Dubowitz
Format: Article

Summary: Investigates patterns of re-reporting in the child protection system by measuring the period between the time of the initial unsubstantiated report and the time of first substantiated re-report and factors associated with the risk of later substantiated re-reporting. Out of 378 children from the Longitudinal Studies on Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN) with unsubstantiated reports, 81 per cent were re-reported and two thirds were substantiated. Those at increased risk of substantiated re-reports were younger, non-white children with caregivers with more depressive symptoms.

Journal: Child abuse and neglect (Vol.69), July 2017, pp 232-241
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