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The Case for a Children Act Funding Formula

Children England believes the case for a fair, sustainable funding mechanism for essential children’s services is too urgent and too acute to ignore. We propose the establishment of a Children Act Funding Formula, which would distribute national taxation to all authorities with duties under the Children Act 1989 according to the needs of children in their area. We call on the government to implement such a formula by 2020 at the latest. Read our full briefing and sign up to support our proposal for a Children Act Funding Formula

The Management Delusion

“Over recent months there has been a big head of steam publicly building up to put pressure on Government to tackle the children’s services funding crisis in the next Budget. LGA has been publicly decrying a £2 billion funding gap; ADCS have spoken out forcefully about the role of child poverty in the rising levels of need… But whatever our particular angles all sector voices have shared a common core message – money matters and there’s just not enough of it. In the words of the LGA, ‘We cannot carry on like this’. Read Kathy’s full article (first published in CYP Now this month).

Healthy eating guidance for early years settings

The Department for Education has published example menus and recipes to help early years providers plan healthy, tasty meals for young children. They are part of the government’s plan to address childhood obesity and can also be used by families.

Reversing the move to late intervention spending

The Children’s Society, the National Children’s Bureau and Action for Children have published a report describing the “ongoing trend where councils no longer have the resources to fund services that step in and help families early. Instead they are increasingly forced to focus on dealing with problems once they have escalated.” It calls for:

  • The Government to urgently address the funding gap in children and young people’s services
  • The Government to work with local authorities to ensure additional funds are used to improve early intervention
  • Future decisions about investment in children and young people’s services should take into account local need, and the Government should clarify its plans to reform local government funding