Public Perceptions of Charities providing Public Services

nfpSynergy has published research into the public’s attitude to charities providing services for the government, finding that fewer people are currently in favour of it than were in 2009.

  • The proportion who want charities to play a greater role in public services has fallen from over half (56%) to only 41% since 2009.
  • Charities are seen as the most acceptable providers of public services for the Government. 53% think that it is acceptable for charities to provide services in exchange for Government funding, compared to only 35% for private companies in the UK. More think that is unacceptable (34%) than acceptable (22%) for foreign companies to provide public services.

Two thirds (65%) of the public say that knowing that a charity receives both public and government funding for the services it provides would make no difference to their likelihood to support, and only 13% say that it makes them less likely to support.