A Body Confident Future.

Summary: Looks at body image and the impact it has on the wellbeing of children and young people. Considers the extent, causes and consequences of body dissatisfaction among young people; the relationship between social media and body image; the role of schools in promoting positive body image; and health and body image. Makes recommendations to government including: the commissioning of research to address current gaps in the evidence base, including on poor body image in pre-adolescents, the link between poor body image and risky behaviours, and the long term impact of poor body image on young people; the development of resources to support the challenges faced by young men, LGBT+ youth, ethnic minorities, and those with disabilities or serious illnesses; and the establishment of an annual National Body Confidence week to act as a focus for body image activities.

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Authors: British Youth Council Youth Select Committee
Publication details: London: British Youth Council, 2017