The role of callous/unemotional traits in mediating the association between animal abuse exposure and behavior problems among children exposed to intimate partner violence.

Summary: Examines the relationship between children’s exposure to animal cruelty, callous/unemotional traits and externalising and internalising behaviour problems, in a sample of 291 children aged between 7 and 12 recruited from community-based domestic violence services. Findings include: child exposure to animal cruelty was associated with callousness, which in turn was associated with greater internalising and externalising problems; callous/unemotional traits are a potential mechanism through which childhood exposure to animal cruelty influences subsequent behaviour problems.

Authors: Shelby Elaine McDonald, Julia Dmitrieva, Sunny Shin, Stephanie A. Hitti, Sandra A. Graham-Bermann, Frank R. Ascione and James Herbert Williams
Journal: Child abuse and neglect (Vol.72), October 2017, pp 421-432
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