GDPR Advice for Children’s Charities

The PDF below is guidance that should help charities specifically concerned about the implications of the new General Data Protection Regulation for your records of children you work with, or have worked with in the past. Whilst the new regulation does not make many precise stipulations such as how long data can be held, what constitutes the right level of security for data storage or the purposes for which an organisation can gather personal data, it does require that organisations can show their reasoning in each case, and that their actions are fair and lawful – so children’s charities will need to make policies of their own that are appropriate for safeguarding, parental consent etc. It’s worth noting that for the purposes of sharing their personal information via an online service, the age of consent is expected to be 13.

Click here to download the PDF

Sefton CVS have put together a number of useful resources and presentation that can guide you through GDPR which are available at the following link: