NCVO Code of Ethics Consultation – Closes 26th September.

Source: NCVO

Many charities, especially those working with children and people in vulnerable circumstances, already have their own codes of conduct. But these are understandably specific to their particular circumstances and areas of work.

Although charities face different challenges depending on how large they are, the work they do and where they operate – we believe there are some values and principles that are relevant to everyone.

What NCVO  have set out to do with this code of ethics is to develop an overarching set of ethical principles that could act as a framework for all charities.

We want the code of ethics to help every organisation: whether they work in social care, international development, health, arts or anywhere else. Every charity should be able to use the code to review their own policies and practice – and then decide what needs to change, based on their particular work and specific values.

Endorsement and use of the code will be voluntary, but we hope as many organisations as possible will sign up to it and put it into practice – both as a helpful tool in its own right and as a clear signal that charities want to deal with problems where they arise.