Share your experience of leaving hospital to improve the NHS

To respond to the coronavirus outbreak, hospitals local to Sefton had to quickly change how patients were discharged in order to free up beds.

Now, as part of the national #BecauseWeAllCare campaign, Healthwatch Sefton wants local people to share their story on how these changes have affected the care you or your loved one has received.

The campaign is encouraging everyone to support the NHS recovery by providing feedback about health services including hospital discharge.

Diane Blair, manager of Healthwatch Sefton, explains: “Following these changes, if you’ve been in hospital recently you should have:

  • been discharged within two hours, once you no longer needed hospital care
  • had your care and support needs assessed once you have left hospital
  • been moved to the first available bed in a care home, if you cannot go home
  • had any further care or support you need fully funded by the NHS

“While these changes have successfully got people out of hospital and helped the NHS manage the demand created by coronavirus, we don’t know how the new processes are working for both patients, their families and healthcare professionals.”

Healthwatch Sefton is asking local people to take ten minutes to share feedback on what happened when they or a loved one have been discharged from hospital by completing the leaving hospital survey.

Or you can share your experience by going to the Feedback Centre on the Healthwatch Sefton website. All feedback is anonymous.

Alternatively, contact the team via email: or call 0800 206 1304.