Liverpool City Region Community Environment Fund (closing Monday 2nd November 2020)

What is the Community Environment Fund?

The Year of the Environment in 2019 was a success for the Liverpool City Region, with the Metro Mayor pledging £500,000 for community environment projects to continue the momentum.  The importance of this fund has been emphasised during the COVID pandemic; many people appreciating natural spaces, starting projects to green where they live and renewing their sense of community.

As a result, the Community Environment Fund (the fund) has been set up to aid a green recovery by assisting organisations to expand their good work and to support communities to engage in a range of environmental activities. To build back greener, reshaping our economy and society in a way that is greener, fairer and more inclusive.

The fund aims to:

  • Improve the environment in the Liverpool City Region (LCR).
  • Encourage long-term behavioural change.
  • Promote community engagement and participation in environmental projects.

The fund will support a wide range of projects covering the following themes:

  • Climate change and resilience
  • Air quality and transport
  • Water
  • Accessible green spaces, habitats and biodiversity
  • Waste and resources
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Carbon and environment literacy
  • Energy reduction
  • Food and agriculture

How much funding is available?

A total of £500,000 is available, this is split into three streams as follows:

Stream 1: LCR-wide projects across any or several of the environmental themes, with benefits across the City Region (i.e. two or more authority areas).

Projects that enhance or encourage carbon literacy, communication and engagement are particularly welcomed.

Applicants able to apply for £20,000 to £50,000.

Stream 2: Focussed projects that may target the achievement of specific environmental initiatives across a defined area such as a single authority area.

Applicants able to apply for £5,000 to £20,000.

Stream 3: Community projects to achieve environmental benefits in a specific area of the LCR, such as a school, local park or street.

Applicants able to apply for £300 to £1,500.

Who can apply?

The fund is available to a wide range of not-for-profit groups, including charities, schools or college, faith groups, residents’ associations or ‘friends of’ groups.


Applications for Streams 1 and 2 open on Monday 5th October and will close on Monday 2nd November 2020 at 9am.

Stream 3 will launch on Monday 19th October and will close on Monday 23rd November at 9am. 

Visit for application forms