Crowdfunding launched for new ‘Walk and Talk’ Programme for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the Liverpool City Region

Bayswater College Liverpool has launched Crowdfunding for a new English language and culture programme for refugees and asylum seekers.

Walk and Talk is a series of free monthly events which brings together students from the college and refugees and asylum seekers living in the Liverpool City Region. 

The programme will give Refugees and Asylum Seekers refunded travel journey to and from the event, a chance to meet people within the local community, an opportunity to enhance and practise their English and show them that in Liverpool they will never walk alone. At each event, people come first to the college for a language class which introduces the cultural attraction. They will also be taken to see some of Liverpool’s many cultural aspects including art galleries and museums. The project will help give these people a sense of the kindness and generosity that the people of Liverpool have and give them their first chance to integrate into our society.

The programme aims to;

  • Support Social Integration
  • Make Refugees feel welcome in Liverpool
  • Helping isolated people connect with society

In order to support the facilitation of the programme Baywater College are Crowdfunding via Spacehave. For more information and to pledge your support and donate please visit;