Shaping Care Together; Have YOUR Say

Shaping Care Together is an engagement programme run by NHS leaders across West Lancashire, Formby and Southport, which seeks to ‘futureproof’ the NHS by looking at new ways of working and new ways of delivering services.

Shaping Care Together is about better care for patients and about using our money, staff, and buildings to maximum effect. It will prepare our local NHS to meet the challenges of the future – both those we know about and those that cannot be foreseen – delivering high-quality services that are affordable, efficient and, above all, safe.

How YOU can help

our views and opinions are a vital part of the programme, and we want you to feed in your ideas about how we can improve local health and care services. You can get involved straight away by submitting a survey response HERE or by sending an email to

All your thoughts are important to us, but we would particularly like to hear your thinking on what we could do to improve the care provided to patients in some key areas. It’s all explained on the Shaping Care Together engagement website.

From asking your opinion about online appointments, to the running of Accident and Emergency, our questionnaire gives you the opportunity to have your say on what matters.

Please share your views with us at and take our survey HERE. You can also get in touch via our email,

Shaping Care Together Focus Groups

Want to receive £100 for your group?

Your group or organisation is invited to attend a focus group, which should consist of 6-10 people. They will each last for 60-75 minutes, they will consist of a short presentation, followed by a general discussion about health care locally. Online focus groups are scheduled to be held week commencing 5th July.

Please email to register your interest or for more information.

Vision for the Future

The aim is to improve the health and wellbeing of local communities, enabling people to live longer and healthier lives. We want to do this by creating and delivering safe, integrated, and sustainable services. Many of our hospital services were designed decades ago to respond to the health needs of the population at that time but they are not quite right to meet today’s challenges and expectations.

The NHS is always evolving as we make use of the latest technologies and clinical developments. So, from time to time, we need to take a careful look at the services we provide and the resources we have and look for the best ways of delivering care in the future. That’s where Shaping Care Together comes in. It does what it says on the tin. We want to hear what people really value about the NHS and what they think we can do better. There is so much support for what we do, but we are always looking to make improvements.