VOLUNTARY & COMMUNITY SECTOR EARLY YEARS NETWORK – Become a steering committee member

Foundation Years Trust (www.foundationyearstrust.org.uk) have asked partners from VS6, a partnership of VCFSE infrastructure organisations working with the VCFSE sector across the City Region, to support a new cross-LCR Early Years Initiative.

Foundation Year’s Trust’s ambition is to create a network of VCF providers cross the LCR to highlight the critical importance of early years for children with families/carers and professional stakeholders.

While recognising that there are different configurations of provision in each Borough, the evidence suggests that there are huge inequalities in the outcomes for our most disadvantaged children across the region, which ultimately manifest in poor outcomes and life chances.


The first five years is an incredibly important time to ensure the long-term outcomes for each child. Pre-Covid, across the City Region, we saw similar levels of children falling behind by age five, particularly those from more disadvantaged families.

Following lockdown there are widespread concerns that limited access to external support will result in many children falling even further behind in their development.  As we head towards the new cohort of children entering nursery in September, it is an ideal time to get key messages out there to parents with useful tips, fun ideas and accessible information.


What is the first step?

We are seeking representation from each of the 6 areas to participate in a steering group. The steering group would create the backbone to the network, initiating ideas and seeking feedback and participation from their respective areas.

FYT’s initial idea is two events which could be achieved in collaboration with an Early Years network:

  • Developing a week long early years campaign using common branding and shared across social media platforms and, in each area, a range of fun events for families that promote early development and help parents to understand how they can support their children’s early development.
  • Working with VS6, hosting an Assembly for the wider VCFSE sector engaged with the early years to share ideas on an LCR Early Years Approach.

We would like to explore these ideas with the steering group before we approach the wider sector to gauge their interest in participating.

If you are interested to be a steering committee member please contact Sharon Cotterall by the 27th August at: sharon.cotterall@seftoncvs.org.uk

Would you like to take part in an early years network?

Tell us a bit about your organisation, the early years work that you do, and your interest in the early years so that we can gauge interest in the idea of a network and to explore whether the LCR VCFSE sector believes there is value in joining together on the short term aims identified.

Please complete the survey below by 3rd September 2021: