COVID-19 – VCF Sector Recovery & Resilience

Here you can find information and resources for VCF sector organisations returning to work following the COVID-19 pandemic-  including risk assessment tools, the latest Government advice and guidance for supporting staff and volunteers.

For ongoing COVID-19 Funding Opportunities, please click here to visit the Merseyside Funding Information Portal (MFIP) COVID-19 Funding Page

UK Government sets up a UK based registrar for companies looking ...


National Youth Agency (NYA) – Managing youth sector activities and spaces during COVID-19 (4th November 2020)

Everyone should read the guidance document below and follow the recommended actions and requirements. This guidance is intended for use in England. (Version 3) Click on the image below to view the guidance document.

** Following the recent government announcement (31st October 2020), we can confirm that the youth sector moves into RED on the readiness framework. Please read the new Red Readiness Fact Sheet below.**

Additional tools and resources to support this guidance can be found here

Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for Faith Organisations & Places of Worship

Whilst Government guidance has been revised to allow certain activities to take place in places of worship, it is still vital that the necessary hygiene and social distancing precautions are kept in place in order to protect the NHS and save lives.

Click here foFaith Community Organisations’ Guidance

The Church of England have prepared a number of resources and guidance available here, and some examples of further resources are included below: 

Click here for a full range of resources, templates and guidance from the Church Of England

Information and resources for other faiths:

HSE logo - Health and Safety Specialists | EP Risk Consultancy

Example risk assessments

These typical examples show how other businesses have managed risks. You can use them as a guide to think about:

  • some of the hazards in your business
  • the steps you need to take to manage the risks

Do not just copy an example and put your company name to it as that would not satisfy the law and would not protect your employees. You must think about the specific hazards and controls your business needs.

NCVO Archives - Voluntary Support North Surrey

Information to help you decide what steps you and your charity or voluntary organisation need to take in light of the spread of the covid-19 virus.

NCVO KnowHow Assessment

Whether you are a chief executive or a team leader, this free toolkit will help you identify potential risks to your organisation. Based on your answers to the self-assessment questions, the toolkit will highlight areas where you may have weaknesses and provide practical advice on getting to grips with the problem.

NCVO Webinars & Videos 

NCVO provide a number of video guides, webinars and tutorials for VCF sector groups via their YouTube channel. Please click here to browse the latest videos

‘Building organisational resilience: Things for small charities to consider’
Webinar delivered by NCVO in partnership with CAF

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British Safety Council – Free COVID-19 Recovery Resources

Free resources and webinars to help employers and employees during coronavirus

The BEC have published a return to work guide across all sectors. The framework should enable organisations around the world to develop robust protocols and arrangements, designed to effectively manage the risk of transmission of COVID-19 as far as is reasonably possible within their workplace.

Download the guide

As part of our continued commitment to supporting third sector organisations such as Sefton Council for Voluntary Service throughout this difficult period, our Health & Safety specialists have produced the following cornerstone resources to help you stay COVID-secure:

Download now with no details required

BMA - Home | British Medical Association

  1. Looking after yourself
  2. Staying safe and well at work
  3. Managing sickness and return to work
  4. Wellbeing resources during COVID-19

St John Ambulance logo
Free risk assessment tool and advice

COVID-19 is impacting organisations across the country. Recent government guidance states how organisations can ensure they work safely during this fast-moving situation. Use the St John Ambulance free online tool to find out how this impacts your business.

Click here to access the online assessment tool

Charity Retail

Charity Retail have published version 4 of their Reopening Pack, available for download. The pack consists of helpful guidance to prepare for reopening from 15th June.

Charity Retail – Reopening Pack

Please note: The link on Page 4, section 1.1.1. has changed, you can find the poster at

Mind (charity) - Wikipedia

MIND: Coronavirus and Work – Resources and Advice