Buddy Up


 Buddy Up is a mentoring and befriending project for young people aged between 13 and 18 who have learning disabilities and access special educational at Presfield High School and Crosby High School and who are at risk or social isolation. 

The project works with all mainstream schools, community youth groups and VCF sector youth providers in Sefton to identify mentors aged between 13 and 18 who can provide evidence of a young persons ability and dedication to volunteering within their community. We also support young people working towards their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

The objective of the project is to provide an opportunity for young people with learning disabilities to engage socially via a range of bespoke group, one to one and residential short breaks via the support of trained mentors of the same age group.

Outcomes will include;

  • Short breaks to parent/carers
  • Increased opportunities for young people with learning disabilities to engage in meaningful and fun activities
  • Increased opportunity for young people to develop social skills and friendships
  • Develop independence and encouraged to inform on project direction

Download Buddy Up Mentor Information Leaflet  (for information about being a mentor)

Download Buddy Up Mentee Information Leaflet  (if you have a learning disability and you are interested in taking part)

Be a mentor with Buddy Up

This video was produced in partnership with Merseyside Youth Association’s Peer Mentoring & Volunteering Project and by a group of Buddy Up mentors in August 2015 to help other young people understand what it is like to be a mentor and why they should consider getting involved in the project.