Prison / VCFSE Partnership work

Sefton CVS works in partnership with HMP Liverpool and HMP Kennet, acting as a strategic partner to help enhance the prison’s engagement with a diverse range of local VCFSE sector organisations, which can contribute to community resettlement.

Sefton CVS act as a central co-ordination point within HMP Liverpool and HMP Kennet, to enable the sector to be a full and active partner in delivering services with offender groups, developing ‘community based solutions’ to local community safety issues and the rehabilitation of offenders.

As a local contact point for VCFSE organisations within the prison, Sefton CVS signpost, support and facilitate a diverse range of VCFSE sector services and community activity, which provides meaningful resettlement support for offenders preparing for release and through into the community.


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Paula Atherton
HMP Liverpool Liaison Officer

Phone: 0151 928 2233 Ext 305/111

angAng Lucas
HMP Kennet Liaison Officer
Phone: 0151 920 0726 ext 229

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