Health & Wellbeing Trainers

Sefton CVS Reablement Project supports the South Sefton Virtual Ward Health & Wellbeing Trainer Service.

  • Are you a South Sefton resident aged 18+?
  • Do you live with a long-term health condition?
  • Do you feel isolated or experience low moods?
  • Would you like to make a positive change to your overall wellbeing? 

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions you could be eligible to access the Health and Wellbeing Trainer Programme.

What do the Health and Wellbeing Trainers provide? 

  • Offer support and guidance with developing your own action
    plan and wellbeing goals.
  • Encourage behavioural change and motivational techniques
    to help you achieve your goals and develop your confidence.
  • Provide signposting to other appropriate services and help you
    to develop social networks.
  • Support you with advice in a range of areas including finance,
    accommodation, social inclusion, health and relationships.


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Who will I be meeting?

Allow me to introduce you to the team…

Elaine Bartley
Senior Health & Wellbeing Support (Bootle locality)

Joanne Wren
Health & Wellbeing Support (Seaforth & Litherland locality)

Melissa Lewis
Health & Wellbeing Support (Crosby locality)

Gerry McConaghy
Health & Wellbeing Support (Maghull locality)

How do I access them?

The Health and Wellbeing Programme is linked directly to the Virtual Ward.   If you are a patient of the Virtual Ward you can access the Health and Wellbeing Programme via this route.

If you feel you would benefit from this service you should contact your GP or another health professional involved in your care and ask them to refer you to the South Sefton Virtual Ward.

What you will do for yourself?

 The Health and Wellbeing Trainers support people to do things for themselves.  People using the service are expected to set their own goals and work with us towards achieving them.  You are key to making those lifestyle changes and improving your wellbeing.

What happens next? 

A Health and Wellbeing Trainer will visit you to find out what support you would like, what your goals are and to talk you through the programme step by step.

Your Health and Wellbeing Trainer will then help you develop your own individualised action plan to help you achieve your goals, providing you with the necessary tools, techniques and contacts to help you along the way.

You will receive weekly contact from your Health and Wellbeing Trainer who will be able to address any concerns you have, and see if you are happy with the service you are receiving.

Please note, this service will not:

  • Support people who have not given consent to the referral.
  • Support people who are unwilling to help themselves.
  • Undertake/deliver any physical activities.

Get in touch

Gina Harvey
Reablement Coordinator
Phone:  0151 920 0726 ext 219

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