Sefton Young Advisors

Sefton Young Advisors are locally recruited on the basis of their passion for their communities, rather than academic ability or social background. They are professionally trained to provide links between professionals, young people and their communities, ensuring that plans and delivery are relevant and respected.

Young Advisors are paid, trained and professional young people, aged between 15 and 23, who show community leaders and decision makers how to engage young people in community life, regeneration and renewal.

Young Advisors are there to show adults how to discuss, design and consult with local communities throughout the decision-making process at all levels of governance. They provide youth proofing services on documents, policies and practice. They design and deliver accredited training to young people and offer tailored training packages for staff and volunteers to support them in providing the best quality services for the communities they work in.

Young Advisors bring unique expertise and knowledge about being young in their area to influence an organisation’s strategic planning, decision-making and budgeting processes.

Young Advisors have strong partnerships with local organisations and have improved the quality of local services through service appraisals, training, youth proofing and ongoing consultancy support to ensure young people’s voices are heard in decision-making.

More Information

Georgia Ribbens
Sefton Young Advisors Team Lead
Phone: 0151 920 0726 ext 223

Website: Sefton Young Advisors
Twitter: @SeftonYAs