Click here to download the Sefton CVS Safeguarding Adult Policy & Procedure and Click here to download the Sefton CVS Safeguarding Children Policy & Procedure which all staff and volunteers working under the umbrella of Sefton CVS should adhere to.

Sefton CVS work in close partnership with Sefton Local Safeguarding Boards in order to effectively represent and support the Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector of Sefton in order to develop quality services and provision that has the welfare of children at the forefront. 

Safeguarding children is about trying to make sure that vulnerable children do not get harmed, and knowing what to do if anyone in your organisation or service is worried about a vulnerable child. Your service or organisation should have safeguards in place that:

  • Protect vulnerable childrnen from harm and abuse
  • Enable staff and volunteers to know what to do if they are worried
  • Show that your organisation or service is responsible

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Safeguarding adults means all work which enables an adult to retain independence, wellbeing and choice and live a life that is free from abuse and neglect. It is about preventing abuse and neglect as well as promoting good practice for responding to concerns on a multi-agency basis.

Everyone has the right to live their lives free from violence and abuse. That right is underpinned by the duty on public agencies under the Human Rights Act (1998). This places a duty on public organisations to enable adults at risk of neglect or abuse to access the advice, support and interventions they need to minimise the risk of further abuse, and stop it wherever possible.

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This resource has been devised to support Trustees and organisations to consider how they are meeting the Charity Commission’s governance expectations in relation to Safeguarding and what they may need to do to improve. The Safeguarding Good Governance Checklist and Resources are available on request from Sefton CVS. Please enter your email below to receive the resources by email.