Have Your Say: Sefton Council Draft Equality & Diversity Policy (closing 31st May, 2018)

Sefton Council have recently launched a public consultation on the draft Sefton MBC Equality and Diversity Policy which can be  downloaded here.

The consultation opened on 27th February 2018, and closes on 31st May 2018, and the results of this process will be published on 31st August 2018.

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Please note: the summary information below is extracted from the consultation page:

Consultation Summary:
The Equality Act 2010 requires public bodies to publish information demonstrating their compliance with the equality duty (s.149 of the Act).  The Council is required to publish one or more specific and measurable equality objectives.

We acknowledge our role and responsibilities as an organisation including providing clear leadership. We commit to ensuring that our internal processes and ways of working promote equality and ensure that no one is disadvantaged by how we operate as an organisation. We also acknowledge our role in shaping and influencing the area and the culture of the communities in Sefton, and we are committed to ensuring that principles of equality and diversity are embedded.

Consultation Purpose:
Our policies and procedures are intended to promote fairness for all and reinforce our commitment to tackling inequalities wherever they exist and to prevent the unacceptable treatment of any person. The aims of this consultation are to advise people of the Equality and Diversity Policy and to seek comments on the draft document. 

The draft Equality and Diversity Policy can be downloaded here

Please click here to have your say on this consultation

Merseyside Communities back 4p plan to protect local policing

More than 84% of respondents to a public consultation have supported a proposal to protect local policing from on-going government grant cuts.

A total of 1120 people responded, either in person or online, to the consultation undertaken by the Commissioner, Jane Kennedy, to find out whether residents would be prepared to contribute a little extra to protect Merseyside Police’s budget from a government shortfall.

Despite the government’s promise to protect police budgets, when confirmation of the police grant was provided to Police Commissioners it was confirmed that Merseyside Police was facing a further reduction of 1.4% to its grant – the equivalent of £3.3m

In their calculations, ministers assumed local taxpayers would help to make up the difference by paying more through the ‘police precept’, part of the council tax. Even making the biggest increase possible – of 1.95% – less than half the money lost by the grant reduction will be clawed back, just £1.4m.

While the government expected taxpayers to make up the difference, the Commissioner has spent the last two weeks consulting local people to find out if they would be willing to contribute a little extra to limit the impact of these cuts and protect police officer jobs.

The results revealed that 84% of people were willing to approve an increase to the Police Precept, with just 15% of the public saying they were not prepared to pay more and 1% of people being unsure.

The increase work out as 4p a week, or £2 a year, for a Band A household – the amount paid by the majority of taxpayers on Merseyside.

Even after this small increase, the police element of Council Tax bills on Merseyside will still be among the lowest in the country.

Jane said: “While the Government arrogantly assumed taxpayers would be willing to pay more, I wanted to actually ask local people their views.

“Once again I am overwhelmed by the public’s support for their local police service. While the Government are clearly not willing to provide the funding the police need and deserve, the vast majority of local people are prepared to contribute a little extra to protect Merseyside Police. This shows just how highly people value their police.

“It is now my responsibility to work with the Chief Constable to get the most out of every pound we spend and deliver the most effective and efficient service we can with the resources we have.

“I’d like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation – including the small minority who did feel they are taxed enough. I know everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment and I ask people to pay more extremely reluctantly.”

During the consultation, the Commissioner held a community roadshow event in each local authority area, with two in Liverpool, in order to hear the views of many people as possible. She also conducted an online survey on her website.

A total of 938 people said they would be prepared to contribute a more, while 173 people said they did not think it was reasonable to ask tax payers to pay more for police services.  9 people were undecided.

The Commissioner will now present her proposed budget to the Police and Crime Panel today (Thursday, February 2nd) for consideration and approval. In order to balance the budget, the Force will need to make a further £8.3m of savings next year.


Consultation on Sefton roads and footpaths

Sefton Council is looking for views on the borough’s roads and footpaths in a survey that runs until July.

The three-month consultation includes questions on the condition of the roads, street lights, traffic congestion and pollution and the rights of way network. This is a unique opportunity to have your say on how you think these could be improved and what your priorities are.

Jerry McConkey,  Service Manager for Transportation & Highway Infrastructure, said: “It would be great if people could take part in this consultation as it’s important to hear a range of views.

“You don’t even have to live in Sefton to take part, as we are seeking the views of anyone who works or travels through the area, and all the feedback will be considered for future service development.”

It’s quick and easy to complete the survey online at www.engagespace.co.uk/sefton

Alternatively, you can complete a paper copy and return it by the closing date of Friday, July 8. To get a copy of the survey in a different format please email YourSeftonYourSay@sefton.gov.ukor call 0151 934 3375.