Sefton Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector at the Frontline of Transformation

This document “Sefton Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector at the Frontline of Transformation” has been developed with Sefton’s VCF sector by Sefton CVS with Voluntary Sector North West in response to Sefton’s health and care system transformation, with place-based commissioning functions being transferred to Sefton’s newly developed Place Based Partnerships (PBPs) and Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) from April 2022.

Funded by  Sefton’s two clinical commissioning groups’ (CCGs’) joint Transformation Fund, it describes the vital role of the VCF sector in Sefton highlighting the sector as essential partners and providers of key health and care services, the strength of Sefton’s Voluntary Sector Estate for place-based delivery, the VCF sector’s response to COVID-19 and the importance of working with Sefton’s well-established social infrastructure and VCF networks. The document also features a series of case studies from a number of local VCF sector organisations and community projects to showcase the ability and offer of the sector in improving health and wellbeing outcomes in Sefton.

It is a culmination of extensive research and consultation with the VCF sector in Sefton and local NHS and Local Authority stakeholders to understand how the VCF sector should work with and be supported by Sefton’s emerging PBP as an equitable partner in this health and care system transformation. To guide this work, a number of recommendations for achieving change within this transformation have been produced, informing the trajectory for developing mature working relationships between Sefton’s VCF sector and the PBP.

The findings and recommendations from this document have already been utilised in discussion and consultation with the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership in the development of Place Based Partnerships across the regions with positive impact and feedback from colleagues. Locally the developing ICP Partnership and Sefton Health and Wellbeing Board have received presentations and are to work with the sector and the recommendations discussed in the brochure.

Fiona Taylor, Chief Officer for NHS South Sefton CCG and NHS Southport and Formby CCG said “In Sefton, we have long understood the value of our VCF sector. Throughout the life of our local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), we have sought to engage, involve and support our VCF sector colleagues whenever possible”.

“As a result the sector has led some remarkable work, resulting in positive changes for the lives of some of our most vulnerable residents, and the forthcoming changes to the health and social care system expected in 2022 present a real opportunity to further build on these successes”.

Angela White OBE, Chief Executive for Sefton CVS added “Sefton’s VCF sector is vibrant, agile and diverse in terms of delivery; reflective of the neighbourhoods and locality and predominantly grown from the local community, providing a critical asset alongside our key partner agencies in health and the local authority”.

“As our health services undertake a significant change with the development and implementation of a local Place Based Partnership (PBP) by 2022, this publication describes why the VCF sector is integral to strong and successful partnership working illustrated by case studies, with recommendations to build upon this collaboration and the opportunity for place based social innovation being at the heart of community wellbeing services”.

Sefton Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector at the Frontline of Transformation is being launched at Sefton’s Health and Social Care Forum on Wednesday 16 March 2022.

This document was developed by Voluntary Sector North West (VSNW), in collaboration with Sefton VCF networks and forums (including a VCF Advisory Group), and was commissioned by Sefton CVS through the Sefton CCG’s Transformation Fund.

The full Sefton Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector at the Frontline of Transformation document is available view and download here.