President & Patrons

President of Sefton CVS:

The President acts an ambassador and figurehead for Sefton CVS within the region and nationally. The role of President helps to inform people about the purpose and work of CVS within the local community and promotes the role of the voluntary community and faith (VCF) sector.

The role involves supporting and attending engagements and activities organised by Sefton CVS and generally spreads the word about all that is undertaken by the charity.

Purpose of a Patron:

The role of a CVS Patron is to act as an ambassador and engage inactivity to promote, support and advocate the work of Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS). It is also to be a supportive and encouraging presence to Trustees, staff and volunteers in the work and activities undertaken on behalf of the charity.

Sefton CVS appoint Patrons from within the Liverpool City Region.

Civic Patron:

The office of the Mayor of Sefton has had a historic link to the CVS from 1974 when the charity became a borough wide CVS at the same time as the formation of the Metropolitan borough of Sefton. The office of Mayor acts as a civic Patron to the CVS supporting the volunteer certificate scheme, Citizens4Good and events recognising the contribution to the borough of the VCF sector and its volunteers.