Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) is an independent registered charity with a borough-wide brief to assist and support voluntary community and faith sector (VCF) activity across Sefton, Merseyside.


Our mission is to promote and assist voluntary, community and faith (VCF) sector activity.


Our vision is to develop a vibrant voluntary, community and faith sector that encourages and supports independent, resilient and sustainable communities.


Our key activities are to:

  • Provide support services to the VCF sector.
  • Promote partnerships within the sector, and between the VCF sector and other sectors.
  • Provide a channel through which the VCF sector is represented.
  • Develop new ideas, strategies and organisations.
  • Support and develop volunteering opportunities.
  • Promote equality of opportunity and access, and the value of diversity.

Our guiding principles are to:

  • Put Sefton people, places and organisations at the heart of what we do.
  • Be open and fair in our transactions.
  • Take responsibility and be accountable for our actions.
  • Promote equality, diversity and cohesion through our activities.
  • Support the most vulnerable people in our communities.
  • Seek solutions, not problems.
  • Be prepared to listen and learn.
  • Operate ethically, honestly and with the highest standards of integrity.

The key elements of our approach are to:

  • Start where people are at. We encourage grassroots social action and community-led service delivery by helping local people to set up and develop robust projects, groups and social enterprises.
  • Pull in others and link it up.We operate as a sector champion, bringing together often diverse groups and organisations to network and collaborate more effectively.
  • Do more and do it better. We support and train local community organisations to improve their effectiveness, quality, reach, sustainability and social impact.
  • Innovate and pass it on. We help to spot gaps in provision and fi ll them by brokering creative solutions, levering in resources and developing new initiatives.
  • Promote. We promote the positive and progressive values of the VCF sector and highlight the added value of community-led and delivered services