VS6 Launch Liverpool City Region VCFSE “Explainer” Video

In 2020, the VS6 Partnership published the Liverpool City Region VCFSE Manifesto for 2020-2024, developed in partnership with the VCFSE sector, which outlines the vision and strategic aims for the sector over 4 years.

One of the key areas of work within the manifesto that VS6 partners have been working on delivering is to establish agreed working arrangements with the LCR Combined Authority and to ensure that the profile of the VCFSE sector in the City Region is clearly understood by our CA colleagues.

Following the success of the VS6 Assemblies video that was produced last year, VS6 have developed this new “explainer” video to raise the profile of the VCFSE sector in Liverpool City Region, as identified in the manifesto. The video includes detail on some of the impressive VCFSE sector data, how the sector is structured in the City Region and how the Combined Authority can work closely with all the 8,600 VCFSE groups through the VS6 Partnership and CVS’s.

VS6 Partners have met on two occasions with the Chief Executive of the LCR Combined Authority, Katherine Fairclough, and have discussed the possibility of this video being included within Combined Authority staff inductions and training to develop greater understanding of what the VCFSE sector is and the importance of engaging with the sector.

Independent Chair of VS6, Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon stated:

“This VCFSE sector explainer video is a fantastic, fun and visual way of developing the understanding of the sector within Liverpool City Region with our Combined Authority colleagues. The video helps set the scene in terms of the size and scope of the sector, the importance of working with the sector and vitally how to engage with the sector across the City Region through the VS6 Partnership.”

This video will also be used wider than the Combined Authority to raise the profile of the sector, including the Local Enterprise Partnership, Integrated Care Systems, funders any much more.

Feel free to share this video within your networks to help raise the impressive and exciting profile of the LCR VCFSE sector.

For further information, please contact VS6 Research and Policy Officer, Laura Tilston, via email: laura.tilston@vsnw.org.uk

Video graphics designed by CommunicArt (http://www.communicart.co.uk/)