2022 National Workforce Benchmarking Survey – VCSE Sector Supporting People With Mental Health Conditions Across England

Health Education England is seeking information on the provision of social support staff working with both children and adults with mental health conditions within the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

The project scope spans VCSE organisations offering support to service users with mental health support needs, including those experiencing homelessness, one of the social inclusion groups identified in the Core20PLUS5 approach. The collection will help build a comprehensive profile of the social worker and wider social workforce, including data from across the NHS, local authorities, the independent and voluntary sectors.

Complete the enclosed data specification template which describes how paid Social Support staff are deployed by your organisation in supporting both children and adults with mental health conditions.

Please find the relevant 2022 specification linked below:

Completed data templates should be returned by Monday 26 September 2022 to Kallie Phillips – k.phillips20@nhs.net

Click here for more information or alternatively if you have any queries, please contact the NHSBN support team – k.phillips20@nhs.net