Equal Voice Network Sefton

The Equal Voice Network held its first face to face meeting since the lockdowns, with attendance from organisations representing and working with many diverse communities, including asylum seeker and refugee support and  the Ukrainian community.

It was also an occasion to thank Equal Voice Network members for their supports through the pandemic working with the Police and Chinese community to distribute stop hate UK information following concern of Chinese and other Asian community members being subject to hate crime regarding Covid 19.

Active support for the Vaccination programme in Sefton with network members voices/video supporting the NHS/GP services including bi-lingual support for Afghanistan asylum seekers in the Scarisbrick hotel Southport to enable them receive their vaccination. The network support was seen as a model of best practice by the CCG with near 100% take up of the vaccine from diverse communities in Sefton.

This year Equal Voice Ukrainian and Polish bi-lingual members have been busy translating the Ukraine welcome documents/safeguarding information for the local authority and partners.

The meeting received a presentation from Merseycare NHS Long covid service which was well received with Merseycare now seeking to work in partnership with Equal voice to ensure diverse members of our community who are homeless or in care homes are able to access support.

For more information about the network please contact Robert Brennan, our Diverse Ethnic Background Service Community Development Manager via email: robert.brennan@seftoncvs.org.uk.