Sefton VCF Sector Manifesto Survey

Help to develop Sefton’s VCF Sector manifesto for the future

Hearing Our Voice

With a general election scheduled for no later than January 2025, Sefton CVS, in partnership with Voluntary Sector North West, are keen to gather your views about the role the VCF sector plays in society from a local grass root perspective, with the aim of presenting a coherent sector manifesto to parties across the political spectrum.

We will liaise with national VCF sector infrastructure bodies who are also gathering views from the sector and for them to be aware of and articulate local considerations into national conversations.   

VCF sector leaders, staff, trustees volunteers and organisations contribute incredibly to our communities, but we are facing enormous challenges. The survey will seek your views, what should be the priorities for our society and how can we make a positive and lasting change about those issues that concern us. Drawing from your experience, the manifesto will present a range of ways the government can work with VCF sector organisations to make a positive difference moving forward into the future.

It’s important that the manifesto is truly representative of the whole range of diverse VCF sector organisations which operate in Sefton, so we’re keen to hear your views both on the areas we’ve identified and on others we might not have thought of contained in the survey. All responses will be anonymous.

The survey below is open until Monday 13 November. We also intend to discuss early themes at our conference on Tuesday 28 November to feed into a developing document that we will share locally, regionally and nationally.

Please participate and complete the survey by Monday 13 November 2023

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