A New Focus For Advocacy: Sefton Pensioner’s Advocacy Centre (SPAC) & Sefton Advocacy announce merger

Sefton Pensioners’ Advocacy Centre and Sefton Advocacy are very pleased to announce that they are merging and that the new larger charity will be known as Sefton Advocacy.

Following a period of talks and consultation, the two charities decided that in order to keep providing high quality advocacy services to the people of Sefton it was in their best interests to merge and become a larger, single charity.

Sefton Pensioners’ Advocacy Centre is currently a leading force in the field of older peoples’ advocacy projects, as one of the largest independent charities with an exceptional local and national reputation.  They have over 20 years’ experience of supporting the voice of older people with specific focus on people living with Dementia, Older people affected by Cancer, Housing & Care Projects and facilitating five older peoples’ forums across Sefton.   Sefton Advocacy’s expertise lies in the fact that it continues to be the only generic service within the Borough that offers one-to-one advocacy, help, information and advice. We have seen a growth of referrals with many more residents turning to our volunteer led service for support throughout the year.  As a charity, we offer a wide range of benefits to ‘Our Sefton Community’, ensuring that there is a long-established service for anyone with a problem to access.

The merger has come about in order to ensure that all residents of Sefton can continue to have the support of Advocacy.  In these times of austerity, the board’s of both organisations decided that to take advocacy forward in a sustainable way it was in everyone’s best interest to merge.  The new charity will be a single place of contact for Advocacy across Sefton and has the potential to develop new and innovative projects and areas of support.

Alison Ayres, Service Manager of Sefton Advocacy, says, “Providing the most vulnerable with an independent voice can have a transforming effect upon the individual and the wider community. A merging of these two organisations will strengthen this service and voice for Sefton residents. “

Andrew Booth, Director of Sefton Pensioners’ Advocacy Centre and the new CEO of Sefton Advocacy, said, “The support of Advocates and the strategic role for Advocacy Organisations are needed now more than ever. This merger will help us provide more one to one independent support for our communities, across all age groups and enable us to grow to meet the needs we, and our population, are identifying.” 

Sefton Advocacy, Unit 15 & 16 The Shakespeare Centre, 43-51 Shakespeare Street, Southport, PR8 5AB.

Contact: 01704 500500.
Email info@seftonadvocacy.org

One Vision Housing (OVH): Christmas Advice from Local Housing Associations

Christmas can be a fun and magical time, but it can be extremely expensive too. The average family spends around £800*, most of which is spent on food, drink, cards and decorations. Last year, National Debtline received 61% more phone calls from people asking for advice after overspending.

We want you to enjoy Christmas without falling into money troubles. If you are worried about money, or have overspent already, there is still time to get yourself back on track. One Vision Housing has joined up with other Merseyside housing associations to give you some tips to help you through the festive period.

*News article by the Money Advice Trust’s National Debtline

Worried about your bills this month?

It’s easy to get carried away over the festive season, but don’t neglect your rent and bill payments, you don’t want to start 2017 in debt.

If you are worried about paying your rent during the next couple of weeks, talk to your landlord so that they can help you. There’s no point burying your head until the New Year.

Contact us to discuss your concerns:
Email: enquiries@ovh.org.uk
Tel: 0300 365 1111


Top tips to avoid over-spending this Christmas…

  1. Make a list, and check it twice – buying on impulse can be dangerously expensive.
  2. Time your heating, so it’s only on when you are at home.
  3. Turn down the heating while you cook Christmas dinner, the excess heat from the kitchen will help to warm surrounding areas.
  4. Make your own Christmas cards – it’s a great way to spend time with your family, gives a personalised greeting, and can save you money.
  5. When decorating your Christmas tree and house, switch to LED Christmas lights to reduce your energy consumption by up to 90%.
  6. Turn your fairy lights off when you leave the house or go to bed, this will save on your bills and reduce the risk of fire.
  7. Watch out for illegal money lenders or loan sharks. They seem friendly at first, but are bound to bite you back. Talk to your housing association if you have concerns about this.
  8. It’s not too late to switch – compare your energy tariffs and prepare to switch provider to save £££. Find out more about switching here.
  9. Give an IOU – If you’re planning a large purchase like a TV or games console, consider waiting for the January sales. Instead give a nicely-wrapped IOU, telling them you’re waiting for the sales.
  10. You can find more Christmas money tips from National Debtline and com


If you have money worries, or are concerned about debt, you can talk to a number of organisations who can provide free confidential advice and support:

Jubilee Debt Advice – 0151 546 0470

National Debtline – 0808 808 4000

Citizens Advice – 03444 111 444

Illegal Money Lending Team0300 555 2222 – reportaloanshark@stoploansharks.gov.uk

Liverpool Council Benefits Advice

Click here to find your local Foodbank

You can also find advice and information on the One Vision Housing website here.


The ‘Merseyside Housing Associations Working Together’ group was formed following the introduction of Welfare Reform, as a collaborative effort to support customers through the changes imposed.

Members of the Group are: Crosby Housing Association, Halton Housing Trust, Helena Partnerships, Knowsley Housing Trust (First Ark Group), Liverpool Mutual Homes, One Vision Housing, Magenta Living, Plus Dane Group, Regenda Group, Riverside, SLH Group, Steve Biko Housing Association, Symphony Housing Group (BBCHA, Cobalt Housing, Liverpool Housing Trust), Pine Court housing Association, Wirral Methodist Housing Association and Your Housing Group.